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Nike React Miler 2 Review

by iRUN Singapore on May 04, 2021
Nike React Miler 2 Shoes Collection

In a perfect world, every running shoe would be tough as nails and be able to withstand over 1000 kilometres of running. After all, shoes are expensive and they should give you your money's worth.

However, these days, brands make shoes that place an emphasis on being light, having great energy return and being super soft rather than being durable.

So then which shoe do you buy when you want something that can survive intense daily wear and tear?

The Miler was a brand new shoe that launched last year and the most impressive characteristic of the Miler was its high build quality: it was built like a tank.

The Miler is marketed by Nike as a trusted, dependable trainer with a secure fit and durable feel.

There are 3 key aspects of the Miler that give it such a durable feel:

  1. It has a thick upper with plenty of overlays to prevent tearing.
  2. Its React midsole is not overly soft and doesn't crease much.
  3. It has plenty of thick, durable rubber on its outsole.

The second version of the Miler is an upper-only update. It now has a more spacious interior and an additional midfoot band for increased support.


  • Price: $209
  • Drop: 9.3mm
  • Surface: Road
  • Weight: 321g
  • Pronation control: Neutral
Nike React Miler 2 Shoes Collection



The upper of the Miler 2 is made from a thick, double-layer jacquard mesh. It has synthetic overlays on the toe box for extra protection and durability.

There are now small ventilation holes in the mesh which increases the amount of air that can flow through the mesh so the Miler 2 feels cooler than the previous version.

Nike React Miler 2 Shoes Collection

There is an extra midfoot band for better midfoot support. It also has reflective detailing for better night visibility.

Nike React Miler 2 Shoes Collection

One unique aspect of the Miler 2 is the last row of eyelets. Most shoes have double last row eyelets but the Miler 2 has triple last row eyelets in a triangular setup so it allows greater flexibility when it comes to adjusting the laces and the fit.

Nike React Miler 2 Shoes Collection

Another difference between the first version and this version is the collar padding. There is now extra padding in the collar area but on the outside of the collar.

Being on the outside, the extra padding doesn't affect the comfort of the shoe but it makes it look more appealing visually. We saw the same design on the collar of the Invincible Run.

Nike React Miler 2 Shoes Collection

The biggest difference between this version and the last version is the fit. It's a lot more spacious in the forefoot and midfoot so if you have a narrow or low volume foot, you need to go a half size down.

Foot lockdown is excellent and there is no heel slippage at all in the Miler 2.

The tongue of the Miler 2 is lightly padded. It's attached to an inner sleeve so there is no tongue slide.

Nike React Miler 2 Shoes Collection



Nike React Miler 2 Shoes Collection


When it comes to the midsole of the Miler 2, Nike went for simplicity. It's a full-length, single piece of React foam as the midsole: no Zoom Air, no ZoomX core.

Nike uses different densities of React foam in their shoes. For example in the Infinity Run, it's a soft, squishy type of React. In the Miler 2, it's a firmer type of React with less sink-in sensation.

Nike React Miler 2 Shoes Collection

The Miler 2 has plenty of deep cushioning and you could easily run a marathon in it. It's medium soft in density so it's suited to most types of runs.

The thick, plastic heel clip is one of the elements on the Miler 2 that make it a stable, neutral trainer. The heel clip locks your heel in place so that there is less lateral ankle movement.

The sidewalls of the midsole are also slightly raised like guidance rails so it keeps your feet centred during transitions.

Nike React Miler 2 Shoes Collection

On the medial side of the midsole, right under the arch is a plastic panel that prevents the medial side from overly compressing and prevents your ankle from excessively rolling inward.

If you're a neutral runner and you’re worried about a poking arch sensation usually associated with stability shoes, you don't have to worry, there is no prominent arch sensation in the Miler 2. It feels like a neutral trainer. 

Nike React Miler 2 Shoes Collection

The insole of the Miler 2 is pancake-thin and removable. It doesn't provide much extra cushioning and most of the cushioning comes from the midsole foam.

Nike React Miler 2 Shoes Collection


There is plenty of thick, hard-wearing rubber which is strategically placed on five distinct areas on the outsole of the Miler 2.

The type of rubber that Nike uses on the outsole of the Miler 2 is extremely tough and highly abrasion resistant so you can expect to get high mileage in the range of 800-1000 kilometres out of the Miler 2.

Nike React Miler 2 Shoes Collection

There is some exposed midsole foam but you don't have to worry about scuffing because the exposed React foam is more abrasion resistant than most midsole foams.

You'll find a shallow cavity directly under the heel which increases cushioning in the rearfoot by allowing space for the heel to compress downwards when the rearfoot is loaded. This cavity also allows the shoe to save some weight.

Nike React Miler 2 Shoes Collection

The main forefoot and the medial rearfoot rubber areas have small, oval protruding lugs which effectively grip onto the ground so traction on all types of surfaces is very good.

Nike React Miler 2 Shoes outsole



The React Miler 2 functions best as a daily trainer or a high mileage cruiser. It has a balanced and versatile ride character so it can be used for easy/recovery runs as well as faster-paced efforts below 5 minutes per kilometre.

Nike React Miler 2 Shoes Collection

The single-density, one piece midsole results in very smooth ride transitions in the Miler 2. Unlike the Nike Pegasus 37/38 which has a distinct forefoot air bag that you can feel underfoot, the Miler 2 has no difference in density between the rear and the forefoot which makes transitions feel silky and effortless.

It has a 9.3mm heel to toe offset which is perfect for heel strikers. The high drop also helps you through transitions by placing your foot on a gentle downward “slope”.

Nike React Miler 2 Shoes Collection back view

Stability is very good in the Miler 2, even though it isn't classified as a stability trainer. There is minimal lean bias because the midsole is not overly soft like the Infinity Run 2 and the Invincible Run.

The midsole base is also very wide so foot strikes feel planted. This is a neutral trainer that mild over pronators can use without any issues.


The React Miler 2 might not be the most exciting or the most fun ride but what it excels in is its stellar build quality.

You can expect the Miler 2 to last a very, very long time because of its thick, reinforced upper, its midsole which won't lose much cushioning over time and its thick, abrasion resistant outsole rubber.

The Miler 2 is a great alternative to the Pegasus. It weighs more than the Pegasus but it has a smoother ride because of the absence of the Zoom Air unit and it has a more comfortable, more accommodating upper.

If you want a firmer, more versatile ride than the Structure 23, the Miler 2 is also a good alternative. It's a little heavier than the Structure 23 but more stable.

Overall, the Miler 2 is an excellent daily trainer that can handle most types of runs. It has a very stable ride and it's still built like a tank.

On the insole of the Miler 2 is the sentence: “Nike React Miler. Trust for miles.” That sentence sums up what the Miler is all about- a shoe that you can rely on and that's tough enough to go the distance.

Nike React Miler 2 Shoes Collection

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