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Under Armour HOVR Infinite 4 Shoes Review

by iRUN Singapore on February 17, 2023


As a brand, Under Armour is seen by many as a gym wear brand and not a running brand. After all, their biggest brand ambassador is The Rock, the former WWF star and bodybuilder.

Many of the Under Armour shoes are designed for weightlifting or cross training however they also have a decent range of shoes designed specifically for running which are competitively priced and widely available.

As one of the biggest sports brands in the world, Under Armour has the financial resources to sponsor some of the fastest runners in the world. They sponsor professional running team, Dark Sky Distance which Kenyan Sharon Lokedi is a member of. She won the New York City marathon in 2022 which was a very impressive marathon debut.

Under Armour also has the resources to develop cutting-edge running shoes such as the Velociti Elite carbon-plated super shoe launching later this year.

The Infinite 4 is a mid-range, neutral daily trainer which competes with the likes of the Nike Pegasus, ASICS Cumulus, New Balance 880 and Saucony Ride. In the Under Armour performance running range, it sits above the Sonic 5 but below the Phantom 3 in terms of price.

 Under Armour HOVR Infinite 4





8 mm




Men (295 g)

Pronation Control



Under Armour HOVR Infinite 4

The Infinite 4 has a simple upper which is everything you need from a daily trainer. It fits well and is padded enough to make any run comfortable. There are minimal overlays so the upper conforms to your feet.

The engineered mesh of the Infinite 4 has some stretch to it so it conforms to your feet but it isn't the most breathable upper material so it's better suited to cooler climates.

It has a true to size fit and the midfoot, forefoot and toe box are narrow. Wide-footed runners might need to size up due to the narrow fit.

 Under Armour HOVR Infinite 4

The ungusseted  tongue is lightly padded and it has 2 small loops close to the top for the laces to go through. This helps prevent the tongue from sliding during runs. Double first-row eyelets are also provided for heel lock lacing although the lockdown is good enough for you to go without it.

 Under Armour HOVR Infinite 4

The heel tab and collar of the Infinite 4 are generously padded and result in a comfortable area which surrounds your ankles.

A hard internal heel counter gives the rear of the shoe structure. It looks down your heel and keeps it from moving around during runs.

 Under Armour HOVR Infinite 4

The oval laces are stretchy and there's a small amount of foam inside the laces which help to keep the laces tied and also to give the laces a type of memory for future lace ups.  


Under Armour HOVR Infinite 4

The Infinite 4’s midsole is made completely of HOVR foam. HOVR is infused with Olefin which is a wax-like, synthetic material. Olefin is used in wallpapers, vehicle interiors and ropes. Its advantages are its resistance to staining, mildew, abrasion and sunlight. This makes the foam durable and resilient. The midsole does not show much creasing and doesn't compress much when loaded during transitions.

There's a sewn-on piece of material on the midfoot of the lateral side of the shoe. It looks like a firm post but it's just there for aesthetics and has no impact on the ride.

 Under Armour HOVR Infinite 4

The midsole is a single-density, single piece of foam. In terms of cushioning softness, the HOVR foam in the Infinite 4 is medium firm and is designed for runners who prefer a ride which is on the firm side. The Infinite 4 is firmer than other daily trainers such as the Pegasus, Cumulus, Ride and Clifton.

There isn't much energy return from the HOVR foam but landings are very padded and the midsole is protective.

 Under Armour HOVR Infinite 4

It looks as if there are two layers of the midsole but the upper, darker coloured section is just an outer rim which cups your feet. The cupping provides extra stability as it ensures your feet stay centred.


Under Armour HOVR Infinite 4

The outsole rubber of the Infinite 4 is the thickest of any daily trainer and it provides extremely high outsole durability. The entire outsole has rubber coverage except for an area under the centre of the rearfoot and midfoot. Outsole durability is the Infinite 4’s biggest strength.

 Under Armour HOVR Infinite 4

Carbon rubber pods which are more abrasion resistant are glued onto the rearfoot for more durability in the high strike zones. The forefoot has regular blown rubber coverage which provides softer landings and is lighter than carbon rubber.

 Under Armour HOVR Infinite 4

Under the forefoot, there are 4 flex grooves which allow for more natural, relaxed transitions. Grip in the Infinite 4 is good in all types of weather conditions.


Under Armour HOVR Infinite 4

The Infinite 4 has a ride which is smooth, padded and stable. It doesn't have a plate in its midsole so it has a flexible forefoot with relaxed transitions.

It's best suited to easy or recovery runs at 5 minutes per km or slower although it has a midsole which doesn't compress much so it provides a firm platform for you to push off from if you need to increase your pace. Distances up to the half marathon are doable. Anything further and you might want something a little bit more cushioned.

With a heel stack height of 28 mm and a forefoot stack height of 20 mm, the Infinite 4 is designed for heel strikers however midfoot and forefoot runners will stilll find the forefoot cushioned enough. It has a medium 8 mm drop so it doesn't put stress on your calves or Achilles if you're a beginner runner.

For a neutral trainer, the Infinite 4 has a very stable ride due to its firm midsole which has no lean bias. Neutral runners as well as slight overpronators will find the Infinite 4 stable enough for most runs.

 Under Armour HOVR Infinite 4


 Under Armour HOVR Infinite 4

If you want a really bouncy, plush trainer, the Infinite 4 is not the shoe for you. The Infinite 4 is a stable trainer for runners who prefer a firm, no nonsense ride that gets the job done comfortably.

It has no major weaknesses and it has a fair price for what you get. It's a textbook daily trainer which doesn't excel in one specific thing but can do most things reasonably well.

It has a relatively versatile ride thanks to its firm midsole which allows you to tap into its speed, it has good stability and a really comfortable (but narrow fitting) upper.

The Infinite 4 would work in an Under Armour rotation as the daily trainer with the plated Machina 3 for speed work and the lighter Velocity Wind 2 for racing in.

 Under Armour HOVR Infinite 4

Review by Brandon Law

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