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Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 3 Shoes Review

by iRUN Singapore on December 20, 2022
Nike Infinity React 3


There used to be a time when there were 2 separate categories of shoes: neutral and stability. These days, some neutral trainers have become equipped with stability features which make them highly stable and suitable for neutral runners and over pronators.
The Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 3 is an example of a new generation trainer which blurs the line between neutral and stability. There are 3 significant features which Nike has implemented into the Infinity Run 3 to make it inherently stable:
  • It has a wide base to create planted footstrikes.
  • It has a heel clip to support the heel.
  • It has arch support to reduce the inward rolling of the ankle.
The Infinity Run 3 is a highly cushioned every day trainer designed to be a daily workhorse. It's an evolution of a trainer called the Epic React Flyknit which was launched back in 2018. The Epic React was ahead of its time. This was the first Nike running shoe to feature their innovative new React foam which had a completely unique ride at the time.
2 years later, it was rebranded as the Infinity React and marketed as a shoe that prevents injury and keeps you running. Version 1 and 2 had the same sole unit with version 2 having a more refined upper.
Version 3 of this popular trainer is also an upper only update. It maintains the same midsole/outsole setup which made previous versions such popular daily trainers. It weighs slightly more than last year's version, 8.5 grams to be exact.
This is the Run with Pace premium version which is inspired by human pacers who inspire through connection. It features a ticker graphic on the swoosh logo to represent on pace/off pace. It also has a custom insole with hare graphics.
 Nike infinity React 3


10 mm
Men (289 g)
Pronation Control
 Nike Infinity React 3


The new upper of the Infinity Run 3 has 2 main differences compared to last year's version: it's made from a thicker mesh and its tongue is longer and reinforced.
 Nike infinity React 3
The new, thicker mesh is still a soft, sock-like material but it's thicker and more durable so it feels plusher and more comfortable. On the downside, the Infinity Run 3 isn't as breathable as the Infinity Run 2.
 Nike Infinity React 3
There were some quality complaints of the tongue of the previous version getting ripped over time so Nike has remedied this by making the tongue stronger. It's now reinforced on the sides so it won't tear. The tongue is also longer now so it sticks out of the shoe more.
 Nike infinity React 3
An external heel clip wraps around the rearfoot to provide heel structure and support while there is also an internal heel counter. There is prominent arch support provided by the heel clip on the medial side and this stability feature makes the Infinity Run 3 extremely supportive for overpronators.
 Nike Infinity React 3
The heel tab, collar and tongue are all lightly padded so comfort around your ankle is excellent. There is no heel slippage in the Infinity Run 3 and you can also tie a runner's knot if you need to increase foot lockdown.
The Infinity Run 3 fits true to size and has an accommodating midfoot/forefoot due to how stretchy its upper mesh is. Wide-footed runners with high arches should find it comfortable but flat-footed runners might notice the prominent arch and take a while to get used to it.  


Nike once called React their most complete foam. This is because it's extremely durable- it won't lose much cushioning over time and it provides a really high level of cushioning.  
The React foam in the Pegasus has changed over the years but in the Infinity Run 3, it feels very consistent and the midsole feels almost the same as in the Epic React of 2018. The Infinity Run 3 has a thicker midsole though so it feels more cushioned.
 Nike Infinity React 3
The Infinity Run 3 has a mild rocker which makes transitions feel easier. This makes it feel more efficient during long runs- it feels energy saving compared to traditional trainers like the Pegasus and Structure.
 Nike Infinity React 3
The Infinity Run 3 has a midsole which flares out at its base. This is what makes foot strikes feel so planted when running in it because it prevents lean bias.
The sidewalls of the midsole have some shallow carvings on it. This allows the midsole to compress upon impact and it increases cushioning softness.


 Nike Infinity React 3
There's no shortage of rubber on the outsole of the Infinity Run 3 and it should be durable enough to last at least 800 kilometres. Nike uses a soft, flexible type of rubber on the Infinity Run 3 compared to some of their other daily trainers. This makes it more flexible and it makes landings feel softer and more padded.
 Nike Infinity React 3
Almost the entire forefoot of the Infinity Run 3 is protected with rubber while there are grooves which make the forefoot more flexible. The forefoot rubber is ribbed in order to increase traction. Grip is good on a variety of surfaces in dry weather however traction is just average on wet surfaces because there aren't any lugs which protrude out from the outsole.
 Nike Infinity React 3
The rearfoot and midfoot of the outsole have an interesting pattern. It has deep grooves in the centre with no rubber coverage which save a bit of weight. To improve durability, the rubber is thicker on the outer lateral heel areas where most runners strike.


 Nike Infinity React 3
Infinity Run 3 has a medium-soft ride which is best suited to easy or recovery runs. It has excellent cushioning depth which makes it a great shoe for long runs exceeding 20 kilometres. You could definitely use it for running a marathon because of its high level of cushioning.
You don't get the sinking-in type of cushioning which trainers like the Invincible Run have but the Infinity Run 3 still has plenty of long-distance comfort. It has a dense, rubbery kind of feel underfoot rather than a soft, squishy one.
 Nike Infinity react 3
One of the main differences between this version and the previous version takes place underneath the insole. The Infinity Run 3 has a furry, white strobel lining glued on top of its midsole while last year's version had a thinner layer above its midsole.
The result of this change is that the ride of the Infinity Run 3 is slightly firmer and it's easier to go faster in version 3 even though it's not a speed day shoe. Version 3 feels more efficient on runs.
The Infinity Run 3 has a single-density, one-piece midsole so transitions feel really smooth and natural. The flexible forefoot makes transitions feel easy and relaxed.
If you're looking at buying the Infinity Run 3 for casual use, or for work with a lot of standing or walking, it's a great choice because of its comfortable, sock-like fit. The wide base makes it stable and supportive if you have flat arches or you overpronate.


 Nike Infinity React 3
The Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 3 is an excellent neutral trainer with no major flaws. It excels at relaxed, slow runs and what makes it special is the extra level of stability that it provides.
It's the perfect shoe for you if you need a bit of support and stability but you don't enjoy running in traditional stability trainers which have hard medial posts.
Version 3 feels slightly firmer than its predecessor and this makes it feel more efficient if you want to pick up the pace. The tongue has also been reinforced so the upper is more durable.
In a Nike shoe rotation, the Infinity Run 3 fills the role of the easy day/recovery trainer. You can pair it with the Zoom Fly 5 or the Tempo Next% for tempo workouts with the Vaporfly or Alphafly for racing.
 Nike Infinity react 3

Reviewed by Brandon Law

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