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New Balance SuperComp Trainer V2

by iRUN Singapore on March 13, 2024

New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Trainer v2 Review iRun 


 New balance supercomp trainer v2


If you want to train in ultimate comfort with maximum cushioning and maximum energy return, you train in a super trainer. These souped-up trainers are equipped with all the bells and whistles of super shoe racers but can handle the rigours of daily training. The SC Trainer v2 is New Balance’s super trainer.   

The SC Trainer is an evolution of the Fuelcell TC. The TC (training companion) was New Balance’s first carbon plated trainer which was designed to complement the RC Elite at that time, which was the top of the range New Balance super shoe.  

The SC Trainer v1 was a very different beast to the Fuelcell TC. It was much taller, coming in at 47 mm in the heel and it featured the new Energy Arc technology with a cambered carbon plate for maximum energy return. The Trainer v1 was a successful update with the only bad thing being that it was much heavier than the Fuelcell TC (34 g heavier). 

From a design perspective, the new SC Trainer v2 is vastly different to its predecessor. The biggest change is that its midsole is much thinner.  

With a big running shoe trend these days going towards thicker and thicker midsoles, it’s an unusual move for New Balance to reduce the stack height of their new SC Trainer v2 to a legal height. It’s now legal to use the SC Trainer v2 for competing in official World Athletics races, however, the SC Trainer is designed to be a durable trainer to complement the SC Elite v4, not to be a racer.  

The SC Trainer v2 is 20 grams lighter than v1. It's also 7 mm lower in the heel and 5 mm lower in the forefoot. It has undergone a complete sweep of changes, getting a new upper, midsole and outsole. 





6 mm (40 mm heel, 34 mm forefoot) 



Weight (Men's US9) 

282.2 g 

Pronation Control 



 New balance supercomp trainer v2


The SC Trainer v2 has a racing-inspired upper which is lightweight but still provides enough comfort and cushioning for long runs. Some runners had issues with the collar of v1 which poked into their ankles so the v2 no longer has a semi-bootie construction.  

A “rough to the touch”, flat knit material makes up the upper of the SC Trainer v2. It’s thinner than traditional engineered mesh while being more breathable at the same time. It doesn’t stretch and it doesn’t absorb much liquid so it won’t weigh you down if you run in the rain.  

 New balance supercomp trainer v2

The tongue of the SC Trainer v2 is flat and semi-gusseted. It’s asymmetrically-shaped so that it doesn’t poke into the front of your ankle while it has a loop in the middle of it so that it doesn’t slide around excessively when you’re running.  

The flat, padded laces feel premium and they distribute pressure evenly across the top of your foot. They also don’t come undone during runs.  

 New balance supercomp trainer v2

There are double last row eyelets provided for the heel lock lacing technique and heel lockdown is excellent thanks to the padded heel counter which flares upwards. An internal heel counter gives you structure and support for a more secure heel hold. 

The inside lining is buttery smooth and results in a very comfortable, plush foot experience. There are minimal overlays on the upper, with only an “N” logo on the lateral side and a “new balance” logo on the medial side. This is the “white with bleached lime glo and hot mango” colourway. There are no reflective elements.  

 New balance supercomp trainer v2

The fit is a typical true to size fit with a very accommodating design, especially in the midfoot and forefoot sections. This trainer is suitable for wide-footed runners who need the extra volume. You should purchase it using US sizing or by centimetres because UK sizing is different to other brands. UK sizing is a half size smaller than in other brands.  

 New balance supercomp trainer v2


The foam that makes up the midsole of the SC Trainer v2 comprises a blend of nitrogen-injected TPU and EVA. This FuelCell foam is one of the softest midsole foams on the market and it has a high level of compression. There is also a good amount of energy return when the foam springs back after being compressed.  

The formulation of FuelCell in this new version is more durable than in version 1. The exposed midsole foam doesn’t scuff as much because it’s denser and more resilient.   

 New balance supercomp trainer v2

The carbon plate is sandwiched between 2 layers of soft FuelCell but it's not a very stiff plate so all the components work together cohesively. It’s a cambered plate which means that the centre of the plate is raised. When you load the plate, it flattens, and then snaps back to shape. This is what New Balance coins their Energy Arc technology and it’s how the shoe is able to store and return so much energy.  

 New balance supercomp trainer v2 

The width of the base has been increased. It’s 5 mm wider than the previous version so it feels inherently more stable. The thinner midsole also makes it feel more stable.   

The SC Trainer v2 has a high toe-spring with a gentle forefoot rocker. The carbon plate helps to stiffen the forefoot so that the rocker can roll you forward during toe-offs instead of your feet having to work through transitions.  

 New balance supercomp trainer v2


There’s a decent amount of rubber coverage on all the high wear areas on the outsole so you should be able to get an acceptable amount of mileage out of the SC Trainer v2’s outsole, even if you’re a hard ground striker. The rubber used is softer than the industry standard so landings feel padded and it doesn’t sound very slappy when you strike the ground.  

There’s some exposed midsole foam down the centre of the outsole but the foam is relatively durable so it won’t wear down excessively. The exposed foam is lower than the rest of the outsole so it doesn’t bear the full brunt of the road.  

 New balance supercomp trainer v2

The deep decoupled groove (hollow channel) down the centre of the outsole is the reason why the SC Trainer v2 feels so lively. This groove does two things: it increases the cushioning softness and it allows the carbon plate to deform. When the plate snaps back to shape, it propels you forward and upward.   

 New balance supercomp trainer v2

There’s a pattern on the forefoot rubber which results in more bite to increase traction. Overall traction of the SC Trainer v2 is acceptable in dry conditions. In wet conditions, it becomes slightly slippery on smooth surfaces due to there not being any aggressively protruding lugs.  

There are diagonal cutouts in the forefoot rubber and long strips cut out of the rearfoot rubber to save weight. The forefoot rubber piece and the rearfoot pieces are also segmented for weight saving purposes. An oval rubber piece is stuck onto the front of the carbon plate to protect it from cracking if it touches the ground when the forefoot is loaded.    

 New balance supercomp trainer v2


The SC Trainer v2 has a playful, fun ride and it can be best described as smooth, bouncy and engaging. It has a highly versatile ride which can perform a multitude of runs well.  

Overall, it’s more suited to easy and steady paces but when you want to pick up the pace, the snapiness of the carbon plate combined with the energetic FuelCell foam make it really easy to put on the afterburners. It doesn’t offer as much speed assistance as its racing counterpart, the SC Elite, but it provides far more propulsion than a traditional daily trainer with no plate in it.  

 New balance supercomp trainer v2

During long runs, the plush cushioning keeps your legs fresh while the gentle forefoot rocker saves you energy so it’s excellent for marathon training runs exceeding 30 kilometres. It has more than enough cushioning to run a marathon in. 

The only type of run that it doesn’t do that well at are short intervals at 5K/10K pace because of how soft the midsole foam is. Your feet sink down into the foam and it doesn’t decompress fast enough so it can feel a bit mushy during short interval workouts when your turnover is fast.  

The SC Trainer v2 is classified as a neutral trainer but it has a stable ride thanks to its wide base so it doesn’t feel wobbly when you’re making sharp turns. It’s also suitable for mild overpronators. 

 New balance supercomp trainer v2


The SuperComp Trainer v2 is a really polished super trainer and a joy to run in. It feels a lot more dynamic and lively than a traditional daily trainer which is only built to withstand high mileage. You’ll actually look forward to running in the SC Trainer v2. Its only weakness is its substantial price but it comes equipped with a new age midsole foam and a full-length carbon plate so you’re getting what you pay for.

 New balance supercomp trainer v2

Version 2 of the SC Trainer is an improvement over the SC Trainer v1. It has a more stable and more comfortable ride than version 1 while it also feels faster and more versatile. Its upper feels more performance-oriented due to the absence of any knitted materials and its outsole is more durable. Even though it doesn’t have the wild ride that version 1 had because of its jumbo 47 mm stack height, v2 feels more well-rounded and more suitable for a variety of runners.  

Compared to the other training companions from other brands, the SC Trainer is the softest of them all. It feels a little bit slower than the Hoka Mach X but it has more cushioning depth. It’s much faster and more comfortable than both the Adidas Boston 12 and Nike Zoom Fly 5 due to its superior midsole foam. The Puma Deviate Nitro 2 is also a very good super trainer but the SC Trainer v2 has a more accommodating, more comfortable upper.  

 New balance supercomp trainer v2

In a New Balance shoe rotation, the SC Trainer v2 can be your daily trainer and long run shoe. The Rebel v3 can be your speed trainer and the SC Elite v4 (marathon) or SC Pacer (half marathon, 10K, 5K) can be your race day shoe. If your target marathon time is 3 hours 30 minutes or slower, the SC Trainer v2 would be a great race day option too.  


Reviewed by Brandon Loh

Check out the New balance SuperComp Trainer V2 here.


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