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Asics Glideride 3 Shoes Review

by iRUN Singapore on August 12, 2022


 Asics Glideride 3
If you've ever wanted a shoe that makes running feel easier, the GlideRide 3 is the shoe that you should get. The GlideRide is all about intensifying the forward rolling motion and making transitions easier. ASICS markets the GlideRide as an energy-saving shoe which means that it's highly efficient and built for long runs.
3 years ago, when the original GlideRide launched, it was the first shoe of its kind. While other brands such as Hoka were utilising a rocker to make transitions easier and more efficient, the GlideRide took it one step further by including an EVA plate inside its midsole to make the forefoot stiffer.
Running in the GlideRide was a completely unique experience: it had a ride which was smooth, fun and protective. Version 2 of the GlideRide was a refinement of the first version. A firmer midsole made it easier to pick up the pace while its upper was updated to be more comfortable.
Version 3 is also a refinement of its predecessor. It has the same midsole geometry and built-in EVA plate but now it's equipped with FF Blast+ foam, ASICS’ newest, advanced midsole foam.
This new foam allows the weight of the GlideRide 3 to drop considerably. It now weighs 265 g for a men's UK8 and this is 25 g lighter than the GlideRide 2. 265 g is a very respectable weight for a max cushioned, long distance training shoe.


 Asics Glideride 3
5 mm (40 mm heel, 35mm forefoot)
Weight (UK8)
Men (265 g)
Pronation Control


The GlideRide 3 has an upper which is built for long-distance comfort. It has plenty of padding in all the right places and has excellent “slipper” like step-in comfort.
 Asics Glideride 3
 It consists of jacquard engineered mesh which is soft to the touch and made from recycled materials. The insides are smooth so the GlideRide 3 can be worn without socks.
 Asics Glideride 3
The heel tab is generously filled with foam and there's a stout internal heel counter which securely locks your heel in place so there's absolutely no heel slippage in the GlideRide 3.
 Asics Glideride 3
 The tongue of the GlideRide 3 is thick and it provides plenty of protection from lacing pressure on the top of your foot. It's semi-gusseted so during runs, no tongue slide occurs.
 Asics Glideride 3
An extra row of eyelets ensures that heel lock lacing can be used. 3D printed overlays ensure that the eyelets are reinforced and that they don't tear with use.
The GlideRide 3 has a true to size fit with a midfoot, forefoot and toe box which is on the narrow side so wide footed runners will need to go a half size up from their normal size. It runs a little bit shorter in length than the average running shoe so if you're in between sizes, you should go with the bigger size.  


 Asics Glideride 3
 FF Blast+ is the GlideRide 3’s main selling point. This squishy, ultra responsive, new generation foam has a number of advantages over its predecessor. It returns a lot more energy so the ride feels more lively and it weighs a lot less- overall the GlideRide 3 feels more agile.
 Asics Glideride 3
 The GlideRide 3 has a dual foam setup with FF Blast+ on the top for a soft initial step-in feel and Flytefoam on the bottom for stability and higher durability.
 Asics Glideride 3
 The sidewalls are raised which act as rails to keep your feet centered during transitions. This feature creates additional stability which is needed because the midsole is so tall (40 mm).
 Asics Glideride 3
 The GlideRide 3 has a very high toe spring which forms the rocker geometry to roll you through transitions. ASICS calls this GUIDESOLE and its main objective is to reduce ankle flexion to lighten the load on your foot.


 Asics Glideride 3
ASICS uses their most durable outsole rubber, AHARPLUS on the GlideRide 3. There's plenty of it so you can put high mileage onto it without worrying about the rubber wearing out.
 Outsole durability is high so you can use the GlideRide 3 as an everyday trainer to soak up the miles. You can expect to get at least 700 kilometres out of the GlideRide 3 which is on the higher end.
 Asics Glideride 3
If you're a heel striker, there are two strips of rubber on the high wear zones of the rearfoot to protect the midsole foam. These strips are very thick and very durable.
There's a deep decoupled groove down the middle of the outsole which starts under the centre of the heel. This groove centres your weight, improving stability and it also increases cushioning, allowing the shoe to splay upon impact.
 Asics Glideride 3
In the forefoot, you can see the firm EVA plate at the bottom of the groove (dark blue piece). It does come into contact with the ground during transitions but it's flexible so it won't shatter or break.
 Grip is above average due to all the AHARPLUS rubber on the outsole but it's flat in profile so it's not ideal for trails or running on smooth surfaces such as tiles in wet conditions.


 Asics Glideride 3
What makes the GlideRide 3 such a great long run shoe is that it has “cruise control”. You can set a pace and the shoe will help you to maintain that pace with its efficient midsole geometry.
 On long runs, you can feel the shoe rolling you forward and assisting you to get through the final stage of your gait cycle. This is what ASICS means by “energy saving”. It definitely feels easier running in the GlideRide 3 than in a traditional trainer.
 The GlideRide 3 is a max cushioned trainer with a difference. It feels much more dynamic so picking up the pace in it doesn't feel like a chore. Faster paces from 5 minutes 30 seconds per kilometre all the way down to 4 minutes 30 seconds per kilometre feel comfortable. 
 Asics Glideride 3
If you're an overpronator and you need a little bit of stability, the GlideRide 3 has you covered. It has a very wide base so footstrikes feel planted. The guide rails also add an extra dimension of stability.
 The GlideRide 3 functions best as a daily trainer for easy runs or long, slow runs. It has a medium soft ride which is softer than other daily trainers such as the Pegasus 39, Ride 15 and Cumulus 24 but it's still versatile enough for faster efforts.
 Asics Glideride 3 


 Asics Glideride 3
The GlideRide 3 is an excellent update to an already good shoe. The change to FF Blast+ in the midsole makes it softer and more cushioned while the new upper has been refined to be more comfortable.
 The GlideRide 3 maintains the magic ride that was present in the first two versions: a ride that can be likened to effortlessly gliding down the road.
 The stiff forefoot and high toe spring reduce angle flexion, making transitions feel much easier. It's hard to go back to a regular trainer after running in the GlideRide.
 In an ASICS shoe rotation, you can use the GlideRide 3 as your daily trainer/long run shoe, the Magic Speed or EvoRide 3 as your speedwork trainer and the Metaspeed Sky+ or Edge+ for race day. That's a really solid shoe rotation.
 Asics Glideride 3

Reviewed by Brandow Law

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by Amit on October 11, 2023

Very good details covered.I have gone through few reviews and liked glideride 3 suitable for my need.
Any information about breathability in hot Singapore weather?


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