IAMRUNBOX products are designed to enable and facilitate your active lifestyle. With focus on ergonomics and smart packing, we develop carrying solutions for any active day of the week. Running and cycling backpacks that are minimalistic enough to wear at any occasion, whether it is sporty or not; sleek garment carriers with a focus on smart and wrinkle free packing; and practical travel accessories for a better organization. Our simple yet functional products are durable, weatherproof and hold your belongings securely in place - through rain, shine and bumpy rides.
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IAMRUNBOX The Run Face Mask


IAMRUNBOX Origami Organizer Large


IAMRUNBOX The Active Essentials Kit


IAMRUNBOX Mini Runners Wallet


IAMRUNBOX The Run Mask PM 2.5 Filters (20 Pieces)


IAMRUNBOX Packing Cubes: Set Of 3


IAMRUNBOX Quick Dry Microfiber Towel


IAMRUNBOX Rain Cover Pro 2.0