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The Right Pair of Runners for You

by Arun Raj on August 05, 2020

There are several qualities we look for when it comes to making our decision with regards to our next pair of runners. While nothing beats putting in the miles yourself, we at iRun aim to provide you with as much information as possible for you to find your next great pair. There are 3 key characteristics one should consider when they are purchasing their next pair of runners:

1. Surface or Running Condition

It is important to take into account the surface you will be running on with these pair of runners. Different surfaces require different design elements on the runners to help make the ride all the more comfortable and efficient. For example, trail running shoes tend to have more traction on the outsole
as compared to road running shoes given the slippery surfaces and down slopes, runners would experience while running on trails.

2. Weight 

Weight is something many runners care about as research has shown that runners would expend more aerobic energy with heavier shoes. That said, while lighter shoes would help save some energy and be more responsive as compared to its cushioned counterparts, they tend to be less cushioned which would mean impact
from striking the ground would be absorbed by your body rather than the shoes.

3. Cushioning and Support

Cushioning provides impact absorption while support provides runners with stability which is especially critical for longer distance running. Past studies have shown that runners with the higher arch would require a more cushioned pair of shoes as their feet tend to be more rigid while runners with flat feet
would require shoes with a little more support.


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