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Best Sock For Your Run

by Arun Raj on August 05, 2020

Whether you are training for your first 5k or your 5th marathon, as a runner, you always have to look after your feet. While everyone focuses on the importance of choosing the right pair of running shoes, it is easy to neglect the importance of a good pair of running socks. Like shoes, a bad pair of socks could result in discomfort as it slips off your heel or cause blisters while a good pair will offer additional cushioning and protection.


Key features in a pair of running socks:

  1. Running socks should be made of a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric which keeps your feet dry and ventilated as you clock the miles.
  2. Running socks should be lightweight with an anatomical design which ensures comfort over a long distance.
  3. Most running socks should offer extra padding and support in key areas of the foot which absorbs the most impact during runs, ie. forefoot, arch and heel, and because of this, running socks have a specific right and left side.
  4. Other good-to-have features include non-slip heel tab for low or no-show socks, waterproof socks for trail running, compression technology for accelerated recovery as well as special fabric to prevent socks from smelling bad.

Choosing the right size:

Typically, your running socks should be the same size as your running shoes. Socks which are too big or too small can cause blisters or heel slippage. For socks which come in small, medium and large sizes, be sure to refer to the size guide.

Choosing the right type of socks:

There are usually 3 types of running socks, ie. High, Mid and Low.

1.High socks would be perfect for the colder climate, providing extra warmth around the ankles. In addition, these high socks would protect your legs from nature while you are on your trail runs.


2.Mid socks would offer the right balance between protection and weight. In cooler climate, the socks would provide sufficient cover to keep temperatures at the right level, making sure you remain snug and warm. At the same time, as it warms up, the minimalistic construction would allow ventilation and help keep the feet comfortable. Nike Ankle Socks 3 pack Black and Nike Ankle Socks 3 pack White


3.Low socks tend to be lightweight and minimalistic in its build, allowing runners to have a better feel of the ground. It also feels less restrictive compared to the above counterparts and is usually the preferred option for race day. Nike Low Socks 3 pack White  and Nike Low Socks 3 pack Black


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